We tailor fit-for-purpose IT infrastructure design proportionally with your business demands while maintaining low-cost structure.

As the IT infrastructure becomes an integral part of the business strategy and the key enabler of busines

s transformation, organizations need a strategic approach and challenging undertaking to understand and analyze which s

pecific IT infrastructure capabilities can adapt to changing business opportunities and needs. To achieve this, organizations require deep experience and market insights in dealing with current and growing demands on IT infrastructure

Itaeon provides the expertise in identifying and analyzing your current IT infrastructure environment and making a strategic choice that can significantly enable the infrastructure to be robust and agile enough to address your infrastructure needs and business challenges. Taking a service-oriented approach, we consider leveraging the power of market priorities and new technologies and processes to establish a scalable, secure, flexible and cost effective infrastructure.

We assess your current demands of infrastructure and analyze the existing hardware, software, a portfolio of applications, network and other parameters in line with your unique business objectives. And through a strategic roadmap, we collectively deliver an infrastructure action plan to improve your infrastructure performance while at the same time reducing the infrastructure costs.

We have proven experience in delivering successful infrastructure strategies to analyze and assist clients’ business environments. Our architects can work with your teams to help guide your investments towards technologies and solutions that are future-proof, secure, stable and scalable.

Typical Engagements

Our infrastructure strategy services offering provides both short and long term T&M based inputs into your IT strategy decisions, including cloud strategy, datacenter/network architecture strategy, disaster recovery planning and incident management strategies, among other portfolio of infrastructure strategies. We offer custom solutions and on-demand offerings to meet the specific demands of your environment.

Our IT infrastructure strategy engagements include

IT Infrastructure Strategy and Roadmap: Assessment of your current environment and identifying bottlenecks, single points of failure and other lacunae in the environment, identifying potential serious risks in need of immediate mitigation and propose a roadmap that is flexible enough to meet your business objectives. Technology Infrastructure Transformation: With rapid changes in technology infrastructure and the way it is used and serviced, organizations need to be constantly ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies, services and processes. Our transformation services offering takes a holistic view of your existing processes and investments and suggests a best fit approach towards adoption of newer technologies, focusing on initiatives that bring visible changes to efficiencies of your core business processes.

Enterprise Architecture Design and Development: Our architecture and design offering is built around creating a framework for deploying technology, tools, products and processes in a way that is scalable, modular, future-proof and supportable. More often than not, architectural frameworks get designed and implemented in isolation neglecting future support requirements. Our core background in ITIL and other regulatory compliance areas like HiPAA, SOX, PCI ensure that future support, compliance and security aspects are baked into the architecture from the beginning.

Infrastructure Health Check and Improvement: The best implemented technical platforms and solutions can be perceived to be sub-optimal or unfit if the day to day care processes are not optimized. Our Health Check offering looks at existing health checks processes and tweaks them to be more efficient. We do a dipstick assessment of the core operational environment and suggest modifications to existing processes or create new processes for enhancing the efficiency of the day to day operations.