Why ITaeon

      • Cost Effective

        Lowest-cost providers are appealing until the results often involve poor quality, project delays, and technical debt. We provide clients cost effective services that do not forsake quality and value.
      • Hands-on

        The people that you bought from are the people that deliver your solutions. You continue to see the people you saw at your first meeting with GSPANN—they stay intimately involved with each client.
      • Holistic

        Unlike service providers solely focused on delivery, we understand and provide services that consider the lifecycle of solutions and involve strategy, planning, architecture, maintenance, and operations.
      • Innovative

        Our response to the problems posed to us by clients often involves an innovative and unexpected approaches to a resolution that are based on our team’s creative technology solutions.
      • Quality

        Our deep experience and commitment quality assurance is demonstrated in each of our projects. We use the most contemporary technologies and practices to within client projects to guarantee quality.
      • Strategic

        Our client teams are more than order takers, executing the backlog and incoming tickets. Our client teams provide insight and guidance, based on our experience, to improve your solutions and processes.